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The Center for Adaptive Solutions is a not-for-profit that helps communities — single organizations as well as families of organizations in a domain — overcome barriers to productivity, progress, and competitiveness when those barriers seem most impenetrable. Those challenges are especially evident in such domains as healthcare, education, transportation, energy, and securities markets, where participants from business, government, and education all play critical roles.

The CAS addresses such challenges with a four-step solution:

  • Expert, objective research – Research the forces at work in those communities from the perspective of an impartial third party with a deep understanding of economics, social dynamics, and key performance indicatorr (KPIs).
  • Productive, facilitated forums – Organize and support face-to-face and online forums for eliciting, capturing, and resolving the diverse and often divergent perspectives of such communities.
  • Knowledge capture and integration – Represent the collective, evolving expertise and opinion of the community in explicit, persistent, and actionable forms using semantic technologies, enabling the community to continuously refresh and adapt its information supply chain.
  • Predictive services – Provide revolutionary methods and tools so the community can identify and evaluate new opportunities, markets, and partners, and therefore make better choices measured by its KPI outcomes.
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  1. John Wackman permalink
    2011/06/29 10:42 am

    Nice work! A brilliant way to preserve the peace of an early Saturday morning. Was that your diplomatic intention from the start? Did it dawn on you neighbor what had occurred? Has he–or she–commented since?

    My friend Jeff Gates passed along your link–this is the first post I have read–and now I am a subscriber.

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