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Mission of the Heart


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Yesterday afternoon I achieved a goal I gave myself when I was in grade school.

My sister shared a story then and, in her telling, I, as a child, was so overwhelmed by her sense of awe, of excitement, of wonder, of possibility and imagination that I decided one day I would return her sharing, to give back that sense of joy and wonder, to fire those feelings of awe and excitement and experience that imagination again.

It was only two or three years ago that I was able to take the first step towards that goal, and largely, I admit, that step was taken due to the far-reaching resources of the internet.

Less than a week ago I took the second step, starting the actual “doing”, the necessary act to create the sharing. It was time, I thought. There was no other reason to start when I did. It was simply time and that was enough.

And yesterday afternoon, at about 6pmET, I had completed all the steps.

I rested from my labor. I understood why my sister, seven years my senior and in high school when I was in grade school, had felt the things she did.

I shared her feelings, finally.

But I am now late into middle-age.

I know why she felt the things she felt. I could understand what had caused the wonder, the awe, the joy, the excitement that made imagination’s fires burn.

What she shared that long ago afternoon set me on a course still guiding my life; to give others that sense of ultimate possibility, of limitlessness, to kindle in others that fire she kindled in me.

But I am older and she older still and I can not reverse the sharing, I can not explain to her what I now understand. To her it was a moment, something she’s forgotten (I know from asking).

So I’m writing this for my sister, Sandra, who gave me a mission of the heart, with angels to guide and stars to light the way.

Thank you.

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  1. 2013/06/12 12:38 pm

    Thank you Joseph for this almost elegiac rumination. It’s kinda interesting the times someone has a real effect on another yet totally unknowingly to the originator. You’re right, moments like that remain clear in mind from grandparents in early childhood, kindergarten clay handprints, quail families and tarantula migrations while walking a country road, interactions with parents, siblings, friends, even co-workers; disaggregated little epiphanies, some not even visible until much later. My choice of major in college stemmed from such a connection. It was plausible, but profoundly off center. Your comment struck me as totally on target that the other had no clue to the moment or the impact. Perhaps these are the moments where uniquely we become our own selves, even as they appear to stem from things received from another.

  2. 2013/06/12 12:48 pm

    Thank you, David. Glad you enjoyed.


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