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Endorse Me for These, Please


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Have you used LinkedIn lately? Say the past few months? It seems you can’t logon or look someone up without being asked to give them and a handful of others an endorsement. I recently shared an odd LinkedIn moment:

Ever see what Linkedin thinks someone should be endorsed for and burst out laughing?

A friend responded:

Endorsement spam is growing. Some keep endorsing the same people over and over again – so their names keep showing up in the feeds of their Connections.

I remember when I received my first endorsement. It was from someone I didn’t know at all well and for a skill I didn’t think I had. I emailed them thanking them for the endorsement but admitting some confusion; I wasn’t sure what I’d done that demonstrated the endorsed skill. When had they seen me demonstrate that skill? Or did they know someone who had?

They never responded. I’m connected to over 2,000 people on LinkedIn. I think I’ve endorsed maybe ten and always for things I have personally experienced via them or with them or because of them.

I also understand that endorsements are a little like political marriages in the heyday of the European royal courts; The endorsement creates an alliance. Kind of. Maybe. Sort of.

But few people endorse me for things I believe I’m good at. Maybe I don’t crack my knuckles enough? Someone recently sent me a LinkedIn email and, in their personal banner, they listed themselves as a “thought leader” and “influencer”.

Really? I guess we have different standards.

No, I know we have different standards. A promoter once asked me to present at their conference but didn’t want to pay my appearance fee. He explained there were too many people willing to pay to appear “because they want to be seen as thought leaders…”. So, as I wrote in 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Go Consulting, it doesn’t matter if you can do it, it only matters if you can talk about doing it. And preferably to people who don’t know anything about it because the minute you start talking to people who do know something about it, oops!

Personally, I understand that many people are unfamiliar with what I know I’m good at. My personal email signature contains

Joseph Carrabis
Explorer, Investigator, Extrapolator and Instigator-Extraordinaire!

One of our researchers said that defined me exactly. Especially the “Instigator-Extraordinaire!” part.

But for those searching for endorsable qualities, I offer these:

  1. Can Run with Scissors
  2. Knows Which End Is Up
  3. Knows Which Side to Butter His Toast On But Tends to Ignore Toast Altogether and Uses Butter Sparingly
  4. Can Make it Through the Day Without Twittering About It
  5. (and the big one) Only Endorses When He Knows The Person Can Do It

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go blunt my scissors, burn my toast, and tweet this.

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. 2013/05/22 9:59 am

    Many thanks to K. Jean King for the Like. Is there a “Recognizes Quality Content When They See It” endorsement category?

  2. 2013/05/22 10:22 am

    Joseph, you are a cheerfully crusty curmudgeon. Actually, speaking of crusty references, I submit that burnt toast with marmalade isn’t so bad—it scours the mouth with a palatable crunch, like an English muffin without the nooks, crannies, butter, and eventual infarction of the heart. Aha—I’ve got it—LinkedIn attaboys are like Hollywood air kisses shared with an inflatable companion. So ravishing, dahlink.

  3. 2013/05/22 10:47 am

    David, Dahlink!
    Yes, love marmalade. But me, crusty? A curmudgeon? Should these be more endorsements?
    But inflatable air kisses with an Hollywood companion…wait, need to read that again.

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