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Message to Mr Obama Before the First 2012 Presidential Debate


This post first appeared under the same title, Message to Mr Obama Before the First 2012 Presidential Debate, in The Hungry Peasant.  Remember that this was nominally intended to be given in the cadence of projected natural speech before a large group.  Such delivery would result in the easy pauses that occur as speech and breathing take their turns, thus converting the long written sentences into the ancient rhythms of oratory.  Thank you, and now, the post…

Focus on accomplishments to restart our country – leave off saying the bank crisis is the fault of others, as both parties did their part since 1980 and before to unwind and reject responsive regulatory safety nets for the nation’s banking system and securities markets.  Observe that if steps now taken, though vital as far as they went, were less strong than called for, it had to be that way to help the other side not frustrate the needs of millions across the country – that’s what it takes to join across the aisle, and that work of joining for the common good is a hope worth nurturing.

As to the future, now is the time to ensure our steps together toward life and safety in a big planet do not wreak havoc on our ability to share comity, to seek to know and think and speak unafraid about actions by your own government, to be ourselves in our own lives and bodies, to be unafraid to see justice at work for domestic and foreign matters in our country’s state and federal courts, to end the self-destructive War on Drugs, to face the future with confidence that we do know how to fund the necessary work of staying healthy, teaching our youth, exploring our world and the planets and all that science and poetry can reveal, and also caring for the ill and the wounded and the unemployed and the older population, and that we are wise enough to be clear in our vision so we can pay our debts not only by governing and taxing ourselves with prudence and progressive fairness, but also by spending wisely to help our economy grow at home as well as sell our works and foods to people around the world, not only including our friends in Europe and the British Isles, Russia, China, Japan, India, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, but also here in North America from Canada to Mexico, in the Caribbean Sea, in Central America from Belize and Guatemala to Panama, and in South America from Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina to Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, and all their neighbors.

At home in this country, at peace in this hemisphere, North, Central, and South together, and at peace with all the nations and faiths who work toward mercy as well as justice in a shared quest for a larger and better life in this life and a deep belief in our ability as individuals and nations to achieve a better place for our children and their children as far as we can see—we ask and seek all this with our faith in a just and merciful God and our belief in our ability with His help to be wise enough to nurture our rapidly warming world and to achieve an enduring good and useful life for us all on this Earth.  Thank you, God bless you, and may His grace be upon us all.

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  1. 2012/11/07 8:22 am

    Congratulation Mr Obama you are the man, good administration.

  2. 2013/03/02 9:16 pm

    Thank you Mr Visintin for your reply — your energy is clear and encouraging.

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