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A Good Day for a Quick Walk


Just taking five to savor and share the moment.  Nothing earthshaking.  It’s simply a beautiful day here in Western Massachusetts for a short walk.  It’s time for a walk.  Cool, clear, slight breeze, sunny, still some snow in patches in the shady places.  Interesting to see the melt pattern.  The patch patterns highlight where sunlight energy abounds or not.  Not always obvious otherwise to see where the energy works or doesn’t.

The snow patches also highlight places coming into early spring, some sooner than others, some with early green and some with interesting leftover hardy weeds.  There are patterns in lots of things.  Surprising what turns up as thoughts touch on topics crossing the mind while you walk.

Today I’m turning over how the promise and the mixed recovery in this spring day echo our wide-area mixed willingness or not to adapt core social infrastructure to continually evolving conditions.  That’s a stretch!  Well, this is like a walk around the neighborhood.

Each plot of land is different.  You can see patches like healthcare, energy, weather, marriage, drugs, taxes, transportation, housing, farming, food, education, war, peace, and the tug-of-war across State Dept policy, DOD money, and conflicted beliefs in people and fear – good grief, there’s a lot on the plate and a lot to do.

Shifting gears here.  As it walks about its own wider neighborhood, this Center for Adaptive Solutions keeps putting energy into social, health, and economic dynamics.  The world is an amazing place, and it’s worth it to work at its grace notes.  Gives the day some zip.  Thanks for sharing this walkabout with me.  Enjoy your day too, and the best to you, your friends, and your kith and kin.

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